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Utilizing Esther’s massive social media following, Esther is the star and host of the We Heart CBD, a web series show in production now. The show’s purpose is to educate the public about everything CBD. With the copious amount of misinformation on CBD, we understand it is overwhelming and difficult to understand. Therefore, the We Heart CBD show goes straight to the source and we obtain the information for our audience through interviews and video footage.


– What to look for and not to look for in buying CBD products both online and in retail stores. For instance, is the CBD full spectrum? Broad spectrum? Or just CBD isolates?

– Where to find reputable sources in purchasing CBD. For instance, is it USA grown? Is it organic, clean, safe? Where is it coming from?

– What kind of questions to ask the manufacturers of a CBD product. For instance, since all CBD is not created equal, is your CBD lab-tested, and by a third party state- certified laboratory? Does the CBD company clearly present the Certificate of Analysis (“COA”), which has all its updated test results?


Would you like to be featured in one of upcoming episodes? Feel free to contact us and tell us about your company. We are always looking to grow our network of expert educators in the cannabis community. We firmly believe in the motto, “there is always something new to learn in CBD!”

Come teach us, we are eager to learn.

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With her video production team, Esther visits CBD and cannabis conferences, workshops, seminars, and even cannabis cultivation farms and cannabis retails stores. Then she shares this new-found reliable information and carefully researched knowledge in her episodes. She feels it is her public policy duty to share what she has learned about the industry. She interviews experts in the industry and encourages emails with questions from her audience so that she can address these questions in her future shows.

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